He is endlessly entertaining (when he isn’t being bad)

I only caught the tail-end (pardon the pun) of his full tail-chasing extravaganza this morning, but it makes me laugh every time he does it. Which is surprisingly often considering he is a grown cat and should really know that’s his own tail he’s chasing by now.

He managed to catch it during an earlier round and gave it a licking it would never forget before setting it free. He respects his enemy.


4 thoughts on “He is endlessly entertaining (when he isn’t being bad)

  1. I like the nonchalant licking of his butt, like, “that’s ok, tail. I couldn’t care less what you do….attack!”

    • I know – I really thought he was going to go after it again. He uses that ploy a lot – “I’m not interested in you, tail, I’m just casually licking my back. You flick away…GOTCHA!”

  2. haha oh man, so funny.

    do you think he knows it’s his tail and is just looking for something amusing to do and that seems like the best thing at the time, or do you think he actually forgets that it is attached to him and is really going after it like it’s an intruder?

    • I really don’t know *what* he thinks! I mean, he catches it sometimes and bites it and then licks it. He must feel it when he does that… Josephine, on the other hand, has never chased her tail.

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