In which I continue to be a little ashamed…

Because I saw Sucker Punch. And I’m telling you about it.

It wasn’t…bad. It just wasn’t very good either. I think my biggest problem with the movie was the lack of contrast. I mean, I like a good action movie as much as the next person from time to time, but I do need some moments of calm between the big action sequences to make the action sequences exciting. This one is pretty much action sequence after action sequence after action sequence – around the third one, I started to get a little bored. Also, without giving away too much – I’m not really sure why the writer thought they needed the middle layer of reality.

Visually, it’s really interesting – the color palette of the whole film is kind of muted and I liked the use of slow motion now and again (maybe because it slowed things down a bit even if just for a moment). That said, it’s definitely edited like a video game – lots of really fast cuts (half the time I just couldn’t really focus on what was going on because the camera refused to linger long enough to really let me take in the scene).

Cool soundtrack, though.



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