Bad marketing, good movie!

Okay. I’ll be honest, I spent the first half of this movie pretty bored. And then it occurred to me. I was bored because I wasn’t watching the movie I’d expected to be. I thought Rango was going to be a funny, clever kids’ movie about a fish out of water lizard out of tank in a town that somehow hasn’t evolved past the Old West.

And it wasn’t. Hence the boredom.


Once I realized that what I was watching was a Western, pure and simple, though with a cast of animal characters instead of human ones, I loved it. I didn’t originally really want to see this movie, but it kept getting such good reviews that I finally caved (in what I think is probably the last week of its run – sorry, Cedar Rapids, I kept forgetting about you and it was either you or Rango, so I’ll see you once you’re out on DVD). And it’s a fantastic movie – a bit philosophical, a bit lyrical, a bit fable-y, a bit silly here and there – everything you need!

The only thing I didn’t need was a lead girl lizard with a head of red, ringleted hair. It looked very out of place – the other female character (an adorable…mole?) had long pigtail braids, but they were more subtle – I kept wishing they’d just given her a bonnet or something. I mean, she did wear a dress the whole time and had eyelashes and kind of pouty lips – I think the filmmakers should have trusted that we’d remember she was a girl.

So go see it, but know what you’re going to get. It’s a Western. That’s all.


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