I’m lazy, but this is still yummy!

I haven’t made myself a grilled cheese sandwich in AGES! Probably because I’m stingy with my bread since I use it to make my peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for each day of the week’s lunch. But! I was finally clever – I bought my usual bakery loaf of French bread, but sliced it into thin slices before I popped it into the freezer (usually I cut it into a thickness more closely resembling a slab). Now I just have to see if they’ll slice it for me at the market because I hate doing that!

What did I make? Well, it’s not going to look like much, but the Rosemary-Apple Grilled (Two) Cheese is an ugly duckling!

I used white cheddar and parmegiano reggiano that I had leftover from…something I can’t remember now and I added slivers of apple to add a teeny bit of crunch inside the sandwich and ramp up the apple flavor from the apple butter. Yum! I’m adding it to my grilled cheese repertoire. Which right now consists of my usual spicy brown mustard, mozzarella, and cayenne pepper grilled cheese. I need to expand my horizons!

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