We can be heroes!

Heather and I saved a baby squirrel today!

That’s not him – our baby squirrel was a bit younger – but I wanted to have a picture of a baby squirrel because they’re SO DAMN CUTE! We were out for a walk when I noticed this tiny furry face looking up at us from under a bush (along with spotting spiders, my other super-power seems to be noticing tiny, helpless animals). We stared at him for a while and he stared right back at us. Then we backed away because we didn’t want to scare him.

And he followed us.

He was basically chasing me down the sidewalk, so we stopped and he wandered up to Heather and started to climb up her leg. We didn’t want to touch him in case that would keep his mother from retrieving him, but we couldn’t see a squirrel nest anywhere and there were no other squirrels in sight or chattering angrily at us from a tree, so we didn’t want to just leave him there on his own.

I called animal services and they said they weren’t allowed to come pick him up, so we could either leave him and hope that he made it safe back to his home or get a box and take him over to the U of I small animal clinic.

So Heather bravely knocked on the door of the house across the street while I kept an eye on him (he wanted to follow her) and looked up the address of the clinic. She found a very nice dude who was kind enough to give her a box and we coaxed little squirrelio into it and hurried back to my house so we could drive him to the vet.

They were very nice and weighed him and gave him a look over – they said he was perfectly healthy, but a little bit too young to be out on his own yet (weight-wise he was big enough, but she said that he hadn’t quite gotten his teeth in yet, so he wasn’t ready to be eating solid foods), so they kept him there to feed him and look after him until he’d gotten a bit older and then they were going to set him free!


7 thoughts on “We can be heroes!

    • The little squirrel really did most of the work – all we did was get a box. He was soooooo adorable, though, and not at all scared of us – he was definitely the one who approached us.

      I’m glad we helped him – the wildlife lady at the vet assured us we’d done the right thing!

  1. Oh man, that has to be the DEFINITION of cute. Why couldn’t we rescue squirrels when I was visiting, huh?

    Very proud of you both – good job! Just wait for me next time, kay?

    • It was SO adorable! I’d never seen a baby squirrel before, but first there was this one and I was out in Monticello for the weekend and we saw two on a walk with Beardo yesterday! Fortunately, he was on his lead and the two were safely near a good hiding place with a grown-up squirrel supervising nearby.

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