More yum…in fact, 9×13 inches’ worth of yum!

Easy to make, even though I had a complete mental block and was unable to correctly start my bechemel (though it ended up perfectly fine in the long run), and very tasty! What is it?

Shrimp mac and cheese! Even though the recipe as-is aligns very nicely with my ever-relaxing seafood rules (it calls for frozen, cooked shrimp), I think the result is that the shrimp are overcooked, seeing as they have to then go for 30 minutes in the oven despite being already cooked). I think next time I’d probably go for raw shrimp and put them in before I put it in the oven – a bit of a risk, seeing as I’m completely unsure as to how the raw shrimp would react, but I’d be willing to walk on the wild side, I think.


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