I’m in love and I’m not ashamed!

The Voice (Tuesdays, NBC, 9:00 CST)

I never thought I would watch, let alone adore, a reality show. But The Voice has won me over!

If you’ve not heard anything about it (which must mean you don’t watch anything on NBC because they have really been advertising the HELL out of this show), here’s how it works: There are blind auditions, in which the four celebrity judges (Christina Aguilera, Cee Lo Green, Adam Levine [from Maroon 5], and Blake Something [he’s a country singer and apparently engaged to Miranda Lambert, another country singer]) have their backs turned to the singers (and these are the finalists – no embarrassing, cringeworthy performances here). Each judge will create a team of 8 singers and if they want someone for their team, they hit their button and their chair turns around. If one judge turns around, the singer is automatically on their team. If more than one judge turns around, the singer gets to choose whose team they want to join.

We’re through the blind auditions and everyone has their team of 8.

Now we start the battle rounds in which each judge/mentor will work with their teams and then whittle them down to four singers per team.

Then WE get to vote!

And, oh, yes, I will be voting.

I love it (so far) because it’s so positive – like I said, everyone here has made it through previous rounds of auditions. They’re not making us sit through all the sad, embarrassing singers who think they’re awesome but are not – these people are all very talented, but for whatever reason, just haven’t “made” it in the business yet. And I think the level of talent they’ve gotten is in a different league than American Idol. Adam put it best when he said, “The people we’re turning away could win American Idol easily.”

So the competitors are super-talented; Xtina, Adam, Blake, and Cee Lo all seem really intelligent and kind and supportive (especially Blake) and are adorable and have fabulous chemistry with each other; and the approach to the competition seems really positive which I like – I don’t want to see someone’s hopes and dreams crushed, I want to see constructive criticism that will push them to be better even if they’re not winning the game this time.

Heather and I are hooked and, barring a complete change in direction, will be seeing this through to the very end.

2 thoughts on “I’m in love and I’m not ashamed!

  1. What are your impressions now that it is over, Anne? It was kinda wham bam…. I felt Xtina was all diva and catty and her dress sense quite trashy. I think a lot of viewers were tuning in in the hopes of an ahem ‘wardrobe malfunction.’ Carson Daily (sp?) sucked, Cee Lo was a tad pervy, Adam was cool and funny altho his voice is pretty weak (next to Xtina or Javier, especially), Blake was a surprise, he was funny and I really liked him in his ‘mentorship mode’ with Xenia and Dia.

    I guess the reason why they had a whirlwind first season is that they wanted to work hard for S02 and they didn’t want to compete with the X-Factor in the fall.

    • I am totally in love with Blake now – he’s adorable! Xtina seemed to be getting a bit bored toward the end, I think – though that may have just been because, well, how many times can you say how great everyone is and, by the time they got down to the final 8, everyone really was… I really liked Cee Lo and Adam – I thought they all ended up being really intelligent coaches!

      I definitely agree that it ended up going really fast – mostly I was thrown by the short voting windows. It seemed strange that we’d have a week to narrow it down the first two times, but then not even 24 hours to choose the final 4 or the winner! I’m not really sure how they could have stretched it out any more, though – I mean, based on the numbers of contestants, there was really only so many episodes we could get.

      I’m looking forward to season 2 and to see if any of the judges come back – I’m pretty sure I heard Xtina had signed on again, but I don’t know about any of the others.

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