Oh, my god, you guys!

Heather and her mother have season tickets to the Broadway series at the Assembly Hall and the last show of the season was Legally Blonde: The Musical. Unfortunately for Heather’s mom, she was feel under the weather and, lucky me, I got her ticket!

I didn’t have high expectations – I like the movie, but wasn’t sure how it would work as a musical – and ended up being very pleasantly surprised! The plot moves along at quite a sprightly clip, seeing as how they have to get most of the movie PLUS songs into approximately the same amount of time, but the numbers a cute, the songs are listenable (if not entirely memorable), and the production we saw was really quite good!

Bruiser (her chihuahua) steals the show, though – he’s only on stage maybe four times, but each time I forgot entirely about what else was happening and I’m pretty sure the entire audience just went ‘Awwww…’ until he finished his scene.

If the touring company pops up near you, consider spending a very enjoyable couple of hours with Elle and company!


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