I don’t much care for bugs, but I will make an exception…

…for this grasshopper tart!

I thought this was really nice – not too sweet and light and refreshing, despite being a dessert that involves both chocolate and heavy cream. It went over very well at work – Liz said she would not be averse to my making this again in the future, something I’ll take into consideration when planning future grocery lists. 😉

One quick thing, though – I decided to take a page out of the original poster’s book and make my own cookies for the crust (rather than buying Oreos and scraping out the filling), using this recipe from Smitten Kitchen. As I was just beginning to mix things up with my carob powder, an ominous wave of deja vu suddenly swept over me. It was THIS recipe (from Martha Stewart originally)!

When I was faced with such a crumbly “dough,” I decided to just mash it all together and bake it one giant piece instead of trying to get cookie-shaped cookies. Alas, the rolled-out dough was too big for my cookie sheet and, when I persisted, there was with my stove a great puff of smoke which required me to suddenly open all the windows and stand in front of my smoke detector, waving a kitchen towel in front of it for a bit.

It turned out all right, but next time I’m buying the damn Oreos.