Viewer, I married him.

There are so many adaptations of Jane Eyre that I don’t really know what to say about this one. Everyone does a good job – Mia’s Jane is sufficiently clever and downtrodden and self-righteous; Michael’s Mr. Rochester is sufficiently tormented and wild and appealing; Jamie’s St. John is sufficiently tool-y; and Judi Dench is brilliant as always.

I think Liz was a little unconvinced, having recently seen the BBC miniseries, but I quite liked it.

(I’m not counting this as part of my summer blockbuster tally because this was meant to have been out in March, but took this long to arrive here.)


5 thoughts on “Viewer, I married him.

  1. Honestly, I think I need another viewing (but as the Art is a bit pricey, I’ll wait until it’s out on dvd). I forget what I told you and what I told Nemesis, but I think I was telling a lot of this to Nemesis.
    I had a hard time believing they were really in love. Granted, a lot of it on Mr. R’s side is not completely love but lust–not the traditional I-must-have-sex-with-you lust, but he wanted her untaintedness (is that word?). But with her. She was supposed to have been completely besotted, and I just didn’t believe it. She was almost too severe. Other characters were supposed to have liked her, right? So shouldn’t she have started to show some warmth to Adele and Mrs. F? You’d think so! They became like family to her. But really, the main fault was the time issue. There just wasn’t time enough to show a bunch of scenes with J and Mr. R interacting. And it took me a while to get used to the flashbacks. So I think I need to see it again.
    Now watch the miniseries and tell me what you think! It doesn’t get quite as dramatic as this one, but I just feel for J. And when she and R are under the Tree–well, she even has snot bubbles when she’s crying. Emotion! This Jane lacked some of that. Her character was supposed to be the perfect balance between fiery passion and icey cold severe…ness.
    So yes, slightly unconvinced, but leaning towards having enjoyed it. 🙂 I think there are elements of both issues I would like to combine to make an even more amazing version of Jane Eyre.

    • I see what you mean about Jane being a bit too reserved – and that we didn’t really see a lot of her interaction with Mr. Rochester. It’s been so long since I’ve read it that I don’t remember how much there actually is… I’m looking forward to watching the mini-series, though it might take me a bit of time to get to it – it’s long! 😉

      • You’re right. For whatever reason, it started to seem wrong to me. I blame work.
        How long is the miniseries? 6 hours? That’s not that long! I think there’s only 4 epsiodes. 2 a night, you’ll be done in no time.

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