Happy Mother’s Day!

And I’m only, what, four weeks behind? Two of those weeks are not my fault – my mom came down with a sinus infection and we had to put off our Mother’s Day celebration until she was feeling better.

We started off with Summer Fruit Sangria and Blackberry Hors D’oeuvres.

Obviously it’s not quite summer yet, so I had to just use what fruit I could find at the market for the sangria – I managed to find most of what Martha Stewart suggests, but, alas, no Meyer lemons or apricots. Know what they did have? Pomegranates. Bastards. I replaced the feta in the blackberry skewers with mozzarella, but I think that made them a little bland. I’d probably try goat cheese next time, I think.

Up next was a Tomato and Leek Frittata and Minty Watermelon Salad:

The frittata was very good – it’s made lighter and fluffier than frittatas I’m used to because it uses mostly egg whites. I really wanted to like the fruit salad, but I think it was a little sweet for me – I think next time I would just sprinkle the fruit with chopped mint and grated ginger instead of adding extra sweetness with the simple syrup.

And finally, we had a Strawberry and Mango Roulade:

I’ve made roulades before, but the cake from this recipe was odd – kind of rubbery. I’d make a roulade again with the same strawberry, mango, and whipped cream filling, but I’d definitely find a different recipe for the cake.


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