I’m keeping it short and sweet…

Sleepwalk With Me: And Other Painfully True Stories by Mike Birbiglia

You know what? I’ve been staring at this post for a while now, trying to think of what to say and I’m just going to have to take my cue from Virgil Thomson: I like Mike Birbiglia; I also like his comedy and his book.

My rating: B+ (And that’s only because he includes bits that he’s already used in his standup – if it had been all new material, I would have given it an A.)


2 thoughts on “I’m keeping it short and sweet…

  1. You know, I’ve never heard of this guy. Was the book funny? He sort of looks like the actor Tom Holleander (that may not be the right name). The short guy from the Pirates movies. At least in the tiny picture on my phone he does. 😉

    • Short guy in Pirates? I’m going to need more information to go on…

      Yeah, it’s funny – there are some that are more thoughtful, but most of it is funny. I like his standup – he seems like a pretty unassuming guy but he just has a way with words – and he some of the text here is taken word for word from it.

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