I have not forsaken you!

A combination of a lovely comment from a reader I don’t know and hitting the manic upswing part of my Effexor withdrawal symptoms have inspired me to get back in the saddle. Well, I’ve wanted to for a long, long time – I’ve missed writing my blog! – but I just wasn’t able to work up the motivation and effort it took to be witty here. But, and fingers crossed that it lasts, I’m back now! I have

  • Movie reviews to catch up with
  • A new season of television to share with you
  • Pictures of my shoes that I’m thinking I’ll share with you as an easy way to keep my momentum up
  • A return of the Sherlock Holmes Book Club (though I’m thinking I’ll scale things back to a story per month at least at first – a story a week may have been a little ambitious
  • The return of food posts (only one for now, but I’m about to finish the last frozen dinner in my kitchen and I’m planning a truly epic housewarming/costume party menu, so there should gradually be food posted here again)

I’m going to schedule these first catching-up posts out to post one or two a day so you’re not overwhelmed with a zillion posts to wade through all at once. Off we go!