Ding dong, the diet is dead!

I found myself in the checkout at the market a few weeks ago with a giant pile of frozen, low-calorie dinners stretching ahead of me on the conveyor belt and all I could think was “God, I hate myself.” Turns out I hate myself more when I’m not cooking and baking my own food than I do when I’m carrying a few extra pounds. Therefore, the diet is over – rejoice! I’m going to keep up the strength training and cardio (when I’m not in danger of falling over due to these godawful withdrawal symptoms) and just try to watch portion control while eating whatever the hell I want. Or, let’s face it, just eating whatever the hell I want.

So a few weeks ago it was my birthday (you were spared my yearly awkward picture puzzle) and, to celebrate, I made salted brown butter rice crispy treats to bring in and share round lunch!

I’ve never made rice crispy treats before and they were not as easy as I was expecting! I could not get my butter to brown (it was very old butter – maybe that had something to do with that?) and the marshmallows just would NOT melt! I guess that’s what I get for buying off-brand marshmallows. But they were very yummy!