Oh! Jerry Orbach’s eyes!

If you read Rachel’s post on her blog about last night’s slumber party, you’ll notice she said we used Dirty Dancing as a drinking game! We picked and chose rules from here and ended up with:

Take one drink when:

  • A voice comes over a loudspeaker
  • Watermelons
  • Neal patronizes Baby
  • Someone receives a monetary tip
  • Anyone says the word “summer”
  • Anyone says the word “lesson”
  • Baby and Johnny practice the lift
  • She’s like the wind
  • Fifteen years later you finally understand that Penny got a back-alley abortion, not the flu
  • Lisa talks about doing it with Robbie
  • Somebody puts Baby in a corner
  • Somebody takes Baby out of said corner

There was one rule suggested in particular that made me laugh super hard (though no one else laughed and we didn’t end up using it [which is good as I would have been drinking steadily the whole time Jerry Orbach was on screen]) was “You can’t stop looking at Jerry Orbach’s eyes and thinking that some random schmo in New York City is currently walking around with them.” I couldn’t figure out why I was laughing so inappropriately hard at this and then it hit me!

John Mulaney! (Well, “John Mulaney” hit me after much googling, but it did hit me that it was a comedy routine I’d heard.)

I’ve searched the intarwebz high and low and this is the only place I’ve found that has the whole clip. Keep listening through the Law & Order jokes until you get to the bit about “This summer, love is spelled with two eyes.” (Around the 4:40 mark.) So that’s what I was thinking every time Jerry Orbach was on screen.

Dancing and cupcakes!

A bunch of us had a slumber party at Rachel’s house last night – it was super fun; I can’t even remember the last time I was at a slumber party! We had drinks, watched movies, played games – and ate LOTS of food!

We kicked things off with that staple of slumber parties, Dirty Dancing! Which inspired Anne and Rachel to do a bit of dancing of their own (though it was more silly than dirty):

We also played Apples to Apples, which was new to me and was SUPER fun! Along the way, there was much food to be had. I brought Lemon Fusilli with Arugula Baby Spinach which is always a lovely, yummy standby and Ice Cream Cone Cupcakes. The cupcakes did turn out really cute, but Martha says that the recipe makes 12 sugar cone cupcakes, which is true, but it also makes


So plan accordingly; I think you could do the 12 sugar cone cupcakes with half of the cupcake recipe (I halved the frosting recipe, but didn’t think to halve this one.). They turned out pretty cute, but they weren’t as tasty to eat as they were to look at. They were good – just nothing special.


And then we all fell asleep watching The Running Man. Like you do.

New TV: Sunday

Pan Am (9-10 CST, ABC)

It looks like it’s going to be pretty soapy, but set against the backdrop of the era when air travel was glamorous and exotic and exciting! There are bound to be many opportunities for much drama – along with the lives and loves and ambitions of the flight attendants, there are also bound to be much international intrigue; apparently, since Pan Am was the only international airline, there would often be important foreign dignitaries onboard and some flight attendants actually were approached to do some spy work – the military granted them the level of second lieutenants (or something like that) so that if anything happened on foreign soil, the crew of the airline would be subject to the Geneva Convention. Wow, huh?!

If nothing else, it’s very effectively making me nostalgic for a time that I never experienced which, for now at least, is more than enough to keep me tuning in. You should check it out!