New TV: Sunday

Pan Am (9-10 CST, ABC)

It looks like it’s going to be pretty soapy, but set against the backdrop of the era when air travel was glamorous and exotic and exciting! There are bound to be many opportunities for much drama – along with the lives and loves and ambitions of the flight attendants, there are also bound to be much international intrigue; apparently, since Pan Am was the only international airline, there would often be important foreign dignitaries onboard and some flight attendants actually were approached to do some spy work – the military granted them the level of second lieutenants (or something like that) so that if anything happened on foreign soil, the crew of the airline would be subject to the Geneva Convention. Wow, huh?!

If nothing else, it’s very effectively making me nostalgic for a time that I never experienced which, for now at least, is more than enough to keep me tuning in. You should check it out!


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