New TV: Tuesday

New Girl (8-8:30 CST, Fox)

Okay, Zooey Deschanel is super cute. Everyone knows that. The question is whether or not being super cute can carry a sitcom. After two episodes, I’m wanting to say “yes.” The three guys are growing on me – they were pretty nondescript in the first episode, but I think they’ll be settling into their roles soon. Schmidt won us all over by the end of the last episode. We’ve only seen Damon Wayans, Jr.’s replacement once (yay, for Happy Endings being picked up and stealing him back), but he seemed likable enough. The one I have the most problem with is the one with the hardest role, playing the straight man – they also seem to be setting him up as a romantic option for Jess which seems a bit early in the series to be establishing romantic chemistry. I’m really not sure it needs it – that’ll change the dynamic before it’s even had a chance to, again, settling in.

But the super-cuteness is enough to make me give it a chance!

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