Of all the years to double recipes…

Well, the food poisoning really brought down the Thanksgiving spirit – we pushed dinner back to Friday, but I didn’t really have my full appetite back by then even, so I didn’t fully enjoy the food. 😦 We made our usual stand-bys and mixed up our miscellaneous three side dishes and the desserts and I’m afraid to say that none of them were a true hit.

Ugh, Photobucket's collage program is being a bitch at the moment - ignore the red Xs in the corners.

While we were waiting for everything to warm up, we started with some veggies and dip, brie en croute (which was yummy at the time, but we think didn’t agree with us after the fact), and hot cider (with or without alcohol).

The new side dishes were macaroni and cheese, a different Brussels sprouts gratin, and a corn pudding with goat cheese and mushrooms. They all sound really good, right? I think the macaroni and cheese was too thick and heavy and had too much crunch on top (though Heather loved it); I undercooked the Brussels sprouts in the gratin so they were kind of chewy and it wasn’t nearly as cheesy as I was hoping it would be (last year’s was better even though I didn’t butter the dish and kind of burned the topping), and the corn pudding was just a wild miss. Wild. I prefer the one we had last year that was a little sweet – the flavor combinations of this one (which are all things I love, by the way) just did not mesh at all.

For dessert, I made a pecan pie (just the recipe off the caro syrup this year), an apple cider pie, and a gingerbread-pumpkin trifle. I used the food processor to make the pie crusts and, despite the fact that I’m sure I’ve made them this way before, it completely ruined the dough – I made it twice and both times it was nigh on unusable! My mom took over and even she got frustrated – and she never gets frustrated in the kitchen! I found the apple cider pie to be pretty bland. Of the three, the gingerbread trifle was definitely the best – I’d think about making it again. Just a tip: It definitely gets better the longer it sits – everything just sort of mushes together and the pumpkin mousse (which was pretty bland the first day) picks up notes of the gingerbread. Yum!

So better luck next year, I guess!


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