I went to my parents’ house yesterday to help get decorations down from the garage, get the tree set up, and put out the Stair Bears. I was also planning on making this cake which didn’t quite make the cut into my upcoming holiday menus, but that I still wanted to make. Alas, my parents’ oven is on the fritz (it explains why things took so much longer to bake at Thanksgiving – I think only the gingerbread for the trifle baked in the time given in the recipe) which we only discovered after the initial 35 minutes had passed.

The three cakes were nowhere near done, so I switched them on the racks and put an oven thermometer in to see what was going on. Ten minutes later, instead of the 350 degrees that the oven said it was at, the thermometer only read 225! I ended up with cakes that were burnt on top and raw inside.

Alas, not even salvageable. 😦 But I’m planning on heading out next weekend to bake some cookies and since the frosting is safely in the freezer, I’m going to give this cake another try (after my parents have had time to get the oven fixed, that is).


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