In which I am clever…and it pays off!

I went to some friends’ for a party on New Year’s Eve – I hadn’t really been feeling like going out to a party, but they convinced me and I’m glad I ended up going. It sure beat sitting on the couch and drinking champagne by myself! But I did still want a kind of quiet New Year’s some way or another, so I spent the day of New Year’s Eve in the kitchen, preparing things that would sit in the refrigerator overnight while I was away that I could pop into the oven when I got back in the morning with little to no effort on my part.

For a savory I had a fake bacon and goat cheese egg bake which used English muffins as its bread layers and was sooo yummy! The saltiness of the bacon and the creamy goat cheese are perfect compliments to each other. I would definitely make this again. And it’s good as leftovers, too – which is good because I’m going to be eating it for a while even though I halved the recipe.

Then I had Alton Brown’s overnight cinnamon rolls. These were…okay. I don’t know if it’s the recipe or that I was using a wrong kind of yeast or that I let them sit in the fridge too long, but although they rose and baked just fine, they’re kind of dense and hard. This has been a problem I’ve had in my search for the perfect cinnamon roll – I really want one that’s soft and fluffy and light and I haven’t managed to find it yet.

And then…I had the best blueberry muffins I’ve ever had. They’re Ina’s blueberry coffee cake muffins and they’re fantastic! I feel like I’ve made these before and wasn’t that impressed with them, but whatever the case, I really got it right this time. I made them in an extra large muffin tin and whipped up some maple butter – they’re supposed to be in place of a blueberry pancake – and they’re ever so yummy! I only baked up one try of six muffins so I’ve still got some batter left in the fridge because I thought it would be nice to have fresh blueberry muffins later in the week, too.

I even made a mimosa courtesy of Martha Stewart with fresh-squeezed orange and lemon juice. Very nice! Altogether, my overnight brunch for one turned out to be a good way to celebrate the new year. 🙂

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