Christmas Day brunch!

I’ve already posted my Father Christmas letter from this year which finishes off that project for now – I still haven’t found 2003, 2007, or 2009, but I know they’re around somewhere. I’ll post them when I find them but until next year, you’ve seen them all!

For brunch – which my mom and I actually had ready to go on time! – we had a honey and apple challah, breakfast pizza (Claire, the next time you’re here, we’re going to actually make this – so yummy!), and gingerbread waffles with lemon syrup.

The apple and honey challah was good and easy enough to make – I’m done attempting to use my dough hook, though, I never get it right and the dough always ends up so much tougher than I want it to be – only the old fashioned way for me from now on. I wish it had been a little sweeter, so I might adjust the recipe a little bit next time to get some extra sugar in there. I also should have made a honey butter or something to go with it and up the sweet/salty aspect of it.

The breakfast pizza was the star of the show, I think – sooo good! Nicely salty with the bacon (well, fake bacon in this case – I’m loving it so much, what a great invention) and the cheese. The only change I made was to use Ina’s pizza dough recipe which works perfectly every single time. I tried making Smitten Kitchen’s pizza dough because I liked the idea of preparing it the night before, but I got into trouble because of the dough hook again. That and, I should really know better by now, but don’t trust a yeast dough recipe that has you put in the entire quantity of flour at once. I never end up needing that much flour and it just makes things tough and frustrating. Go sparingly and stop adding flour while the dough is still a little bit soft – you can knead in more to get things to the right consistency if you need to, but you can’t take any out once you’ve overadded. So when I got into the kitchen that morning, I dumped the dough in the trash and started from scratch. Ina hasn’t let me down yet with her pizza dough.

I think the gingerbread waffles with the lemon syrup were my favorite. You can really taste the gingerbread and they have a lovely soft consistency and gingerbread should always be paired with lemon if you ask me, so that was a perfect tart sweetness to tone down the gingerbread flavor a little bit. Perfect!

My grandparents came over for Christmas brunch and to open presents which was fun – my grandmother gave me a lot of cat-themed presents which are all really cute and I got exactly what I asked for from Father Christmas…an ice cream maker attachment for my Kitchenaid and an electric panini press/grill/griddle! So hopefully there’ll be lots of ice cream and panini/grill/griddle-related items turning up here soon!


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