Back to the Kitchen!

Once Dad and I had conquered Allerton Park, I headed back to the kitchen to make my Christmas Day dinner menu which had been pushed back a couple of days to become Grandma’s Birthday dinner instead. Under the watchful eye of Millie, we had orange and rosemary buttered mixed nuts (which I made for my Halloween party, too), smoky sweet potato stacks, a vegetable Wellington, a pomegranate and hazelnut salad with maple-fake-bacon dressing, and an orange layer cake with cranberry glaze and brown sugar frosting.

Everything was pretty good – I don’t think I have any complaints, but I also don’t have any raves. I think the cake would have been a rave except that I overbaked it and it turned out a little dry (it probably didn’t help that I made it before dinner got pushed back so it also got a little stale). The Wellington was quite nice with the goat cheese and the mushrooms – again I think I overcooked the butternut squash a little bit because I wish it had had a kind of a bite to it instead of being so mushy (though being pan-fried it’s still less mushy than the boiled one was with the salad on Christmas Eve).