Let the catching up commence!

The last day I spent housesitting for my parents I was struck with kitchen inspiration and made not one but two cakes. The first was a red wine chocolate cake from Smitten Kitchen.

The wine I bought ended up being very strange- I think it was a merlot? But it was very light in color and surprisingly bland which made the cake a little bland. It was also a little dry – I skipped the mascarpone topping that Smitten Kitchen added because I forgot to add it to my list and was too lazy to wander back across to the market at that point, but I wish I had now. I’d try it again, but definitely with a stronger flavored wine.

The other cake was a salted caramel apple pound cake.

The salted caramel? Was amazing, if I do say so myself. I’m still hit or miss when it comes to caramel, but I got this one spot. On. I managed to refrain from eating it straight out of the pan, but it was a close thing. I’m trying to remember this cake since I left most of it with my parents, but I think it was quite lovely – sweet but not overly sweet (despite all the caramel). My dad said he thought it was his favorite of all the things I’ve ever made which is high praise indeed!

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