So, an attempt to fix a leaky bathroom faucet turned into replacing the sink and vanity instead. Just a tip for any of you out there who might be working on a similar project, do not – I repeat, DO NOT – glue the sink to the wall. It is unnecessary and also results in the next person having to pray it off the wall, along with a few tiles.

Not cool, previous resident. Not. Cool. Fortunately, the new sink and vanity I chose is taller than what used to be in the room, so it actually ended up covering the missing tiles.

Speaking of which, how about a hint when selecting a new sink and vanity for a very small bathroom? Be sure to measure the depth of the vanity. It fits in my bathroom, but the next time you have food poisoning, head my way because then you can throw up in the sink without having to leave the toilet.

Also? It’s very helpful if you have a handy father who can sort of jury rig things around because you have an old bathroom and Martha Stewart hasn’t taken the placement of the above valves into the design of the cabinet that will be sitting in front of them.

Also also? Pipe wrench fight!