Dessert mashup!

Raise your hand if you like cheesecake. Now raise your hand if you like cinnamon rolls. Then you are going to be interested in this, potentially the most ridiculous dessert ever!

Cinnamon. Roll. Cheesecake.

I know what you’re thinking “Oh, so it’s cheesecake with the flavors of a cinnamon roll.” Wrong! It’s a cheesecake with a cinnamon roll on the bottom and brown sugar, cinnamon, and butter and globs of cinnamon roll batter swirled through the cheesecake. It was pretty amazing.

Unfortunately, I used a slightly too-small springform pan and it overflowed which, combined with the sugar, cinnamon, and butter basically gluing itself to the sides of the pan, made it impossible to get it unmolded with any kind of success. It looked like a mess, but it tasted just fine!



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