I made sourdough bread!

Oh, and some soup. But sourdough bread! In ridiculous quantities!

The soup is garlic potato soup and is really nice and was pretty easy to put together.

But I think you’ll notice that most of that photo is taken up by my sourdough bread! I started by making my own starter which was interesting. The first recipe for a sourdough starter I tried was way too thick – more dough than starter. So that went in the bin and I tried again with a different recipe and more success. Though I think I’ll need to leave it out a bit longer to develop more of the sour flavor – the bread was lovely, but could have had a bit more of that distinctive sourdough flavor, I think.

Then it was on to actually making the bread! It’s actually fairly similar in process to the no-knead bread I made over the holidays – there’s no kneading, but there is a lot of sitting out (the first rise is 12-15 hours and the second is anywhere between 3-5, depending on how warm your kitchen is). It also makes a HUGE loaf.

I think next time I’ll half it and get a more manageable loaf. But I’ll do my best to put a dent in this one!