I haven’t made cookies in ages!

These peanut butter surprise cookies caught my eye and since I had everything in my kitchen already, I decided to give them a go! I doubled the recipe since I wanted some to bring in to share round work and some to put in the freezer to keep for myself. It came together fairly easily, but I think I didn’t do the adding-the-chocolate-chips-in-the-middle correctly because mine didn’t end up being a lovely, gooey chocolate surprise in the center of the cookie like the original poster’s did. Mine are just sort of like peanut butter cookies with chocolate chips in them.

I also think I slightly overbaked this first batch – they’re not burned, but I’m afraid that they’re going to really crisp up as they cool which I don’t like… I’m thinking the ones I froze might actually work better as they’ll be less likely to spread out and now that I know, I’ll take them out at 10 minutes and let them set up a bit more while they cool instead of waiting for them to be closer to being done when I take them out.