What the %#+^€¥£ hell am I listening to?!?!

*frustrated Wookie noise accompanied by supplication of the gods hand gestures*

What is this noise?! Someone’s clearly left the lights on over at the nearby tennis courts but unless those lights are powered by their own power plant that i didn’t know was located in my backyard, it can’t be them.

It sounds more like an airplane circling endlessly but unless Willard has suddenly become an international hub, it can’t be that.

I suppose it also sounds like a helicopter but unless the LifeFlights have just started randomly patrolling, it can’t be that.

What are you, slightly fluctuating humming noise that is just loud enough to keep me awake?!?!?!

4 thoughts on “What the %#+^€¥£ hell am I listening to?!?!

    • Not yet, but apparently Anne H. heard it, too (she lives kind of near to me) – she was asking around her neighborhood and said if she found anything out, she’d let me know!

    • I know – I kind of took an unplanned hiatus! I really should get back to posting here since it’s sort of my last connection to writing that I have at the moment. I’ve just been so busy! We can’t all have your work ethic when it comes to blogging. 😉

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