Tap-a, tap-a, tap-a!

I mentioned it just in passing a couple of posts ago, but Liz and I have been taking tap dancing lessons through the park district for the last few months. We love it! And she, despite telling me that she was a terrible dancer when we signed up, is really good at it! Clearly, she was hustling me. I’m not bad, but I’m certainly no Liz. 😉

When we signed up for the class, our friends jokingly asked us if they could come to our recital – Liz and I scoffed and said “I doubt they do recitals for the adult beginner class.” The joke was on us, though!

Okay, just kidding, that’s not really us – just something to strive for! Here we are:

We’re already signed up for the next session and are really looking forward to it. We’re determined to stick with it at least until we can do this (we’ve already decided that I’m Donald O’Connor to Liz’s Gene Kelly):

Oh, right!

My current nails! I’m playing in the Christmas Eve service at the church where my dad conducts the choir (Did you know that playing the flute was a skill you had to keep up with? ‘Cuz I sure didn’t – yikes, I’m bad!) and decided to paint my nails in a sparkly, festive fashion.

Festive nails!

Liz gave me a set of three sparkly nail polishes from Nails, Inc. which included this really good red glittery polish, Covent Garden Market (that’s only two coats of polish!). The gold is It Looks Like Reindeer by OPI.

I’m back (hopefully)!

I’ve missed writing up blog posts and, based on the previous post, a lot of you probably thought something horrible had happened to me (really not the best note to begin a loooooong blogging hiatus on). But nothing did – though I never did find out what that weird noise was – I was just being very lazy and very busy simultaneously (domesticity, job, tennis, tap, viola, friends, bass recorder, BACH, etc.).

I thought I’d get things started with a little nail polish picture for the holidays. I’ve been painting my nails a lot in the last year or so and I like to think I’ve gotten pretty good at it (Who am I kidding? I’m awesome at it! Check out my nails [and Arthur] for my TARDIS costume – haha, which I’ll also post here because it was pretty sweet (boo, Photobucket changed their photo editor and now I can’t make collages anymore!):

TARDIS nails and Arthur

TARDIS costume

So I lied, this is totally becoming my Halloween 2012 post instead. So here we go! Drew went as Sexy Sax Man:

Sexy Sax Man and the TARDIS

and was a very big hit. After handing out candy at Kate and Graham’s house, we traipsed over to the Blind Pig and when we left, Drew played us out a la the real Sexy Sax Man:

to lots of laughter and cheers from the other patrons.

I also experimented with chalking my hair for this costume (I wore a wig to our first outing and decided I didn’t like it as well as I thought I would (usually Halloween is just an excuse for me to buy makeup, false eyelashes, a wig, and shoes), so I gave hair-chalking a try. Usually you see it on people with long hair and they just chalk the ends to give a sort of romantic hint of color, but I wanted a little more than a hint of color:

Turns out, that’s too much color! Once the pastel dried, it was just getting everywhere. EVERYWHERE. So I rinsed a lot of it out and blew it dry and that seemed to work. It was still getting a little bit everywhere, just not EVERYWHERE. The finished look is really just an excuse to show you my makeup (god, I love that red lipstick – thank you, Sephora home brand!):

Thanks to MakeupbyPeaches for the great tutorial for the Diamond Jubilee eye makeup which I repurposed for the TARDIS: