I’m back (hopefully)!

I’ve missed writing up blog posts and, based on the previous post, a lot of you probably thought something horrible had happened to me (really not the best note to begin a loooooong blogging hiatus on). But nothing did – though I never did find out what that weird noise was – I was just being very lazy and very busy simultaneously (domesticity, job, tennis, tap, viola, friends, bass recorder, BACH, etc.).

I thought I’d get things started with a little nail polish picture for the holidays. I’ve been painting my nails a lot in the last year or so and I like to think I’ve gotten pretty good at it (Who am I kidding? I’m awesome at it! Check out my nails [and Arthur] for my TARDIS costume – haha, which I’ll also post here because it was pretty sweet (boo, Photobucket changed their photo editor and now I can’t make collages anymore!):

TARDIS nails and Arthur

TARDIS costume

So I lied, this is totally becoming my Halloween 2012 post instead. So here we go! Drew went as Sexy Sax Man:

Sexy Sax Man and the TARDIS

and was a very big hit. After handing out candy at Kate and Graham’s house, we traipsed over to the Blind Pig and when we left, Drew played us out a la the real Sexy Sax Man:

to lots of laughter and cheers from the other patrons.

I also experimented with chalking my hair for this costume (I wore a wig to our first outing and decided I didn’t like it as well as I thought I would (usually Halloween is just an excuse for me to buy makeup, false eyelashes, a wig, and shoes), so I gave hair-chalking a try. Usually you see it on people with long hair and they just chalk the ends to give a sort of romantic hint of color, but I wanted a little more than a hint of color:

Turns out, that’s too much color! Once the pastel dried, it was just getting everywhere. EVERYWHERE. So I rinsed a lot of it out and blew it dry and that seemed to work. It was still getting a little bit everywhere, just not EVERYWHERE. The finished look is really just an excuse to show you my makeup (god, I love that red lipstick – thank you, Sephora home brand!):

Thanks to MakeupbyPeaches for the great tutorial for the Diamond Jubilee eye makeup which I repurposed for the TARDIS:

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