Kitties being cute!

Jillian managed to take a really good picture of Josephine while we were all out at my parents’ house (black cats are so hard to photograph and Josephine has such a cute little face that I had to share it with you all):

And then, so Arthur doesn’t feel left out, here’s a photo of him channeling his inner Maru and attempting to squish into a box that obviously doesn’t fit him:

Silly boy.


6 thoughts on “Kitties being cute!

  1. I’m so glad Josephine overcame the photography curse – she’s so pretty! But on another note, what is up with Arthur’s right ear? (Lucy just heard me typing about other cats and appeared out of nowhere to demand attention)

    Also: I love Maru.

    • He has a little…hematoma, I think? Kind of like a bruise. He’s had it for quite a while now – I took him to the vet for it and they said it happens more often with dogs with floppy ears but can happen in cats, too. He probably scratched it a little too hard and broke a blood vessel or something. The vet said it’s not hurting him and as long as it diesn’t get any bigger, there’s no need to fix it (they’d have to snip it open, drain it, and then sew the flaps back since it would just fill up again otherwise, so either way he’d have a funky-looking ear). It doesn’t seem to bother him – I think he thinks it makes him look tough. 😉

      I love Lucy’s blog – she’s adorable!

  2. I have found my special talent: taking cute photos of black cats! 🙂 I guess the bazillion photos I’ve taken of Zoey (many of them poorly lit) were good practice…

    • Haha, I think all black cat owners have many, many poorly lit pictures of their pets – they’re still adorable no matter what the lighting!

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