Lazy, lazy Christmas food

So as you all know, I usually do quite a spread at Christmas. This was the first year that Drew was joining my family for Christmas and, because she couldn’t make it to her parents’ house due to weather, Jillian was spending time with us, too and, being that they’re both foodies, I really wanted to impress them with my culinary skillz. Alas, I think my age is catching up with me and I just lost my motivation this year. Also, forgive me, but I’m fairly out of practice with the whole blogging thing and totally slacked off on remembering to take pictures of things for you this year (and the ones I did remember to take are of really dark, half-eaten food), so bear with me and be sure to click through the links for the recipes to see the good pictures taken by the original posters.

We had some appetizers before dinner which included Baby Potato and Smoked Salmon Bites (which were really good and easy to make – and I think tasted just fine the next day so you could do them ahead of time – just don’t do like I did and forget to add the lemon juice and zest to the spread and then also forget to garnish with capers), Baked Brie With Caramelized Onions (I halved this recipe because I don’t believe that 8-inch, 32-ounce brie actually exists), a rosemary and caramelized onion foccacia (Jillian, I should have asked what recipe you used!) which was lovely, and Drew’s famous garlic and parmesan bread (which is so good I almost broke up with him when he made it at Thanksgiving because I was mad that he hadn’t made it for me sooner). I feel like there were some other things on the table, but I can’t remember what they were at the moment…

Baby Potato and Smoked Salmon Bites

Baked Brie With Caramelized Onions

Jillian’s Rosemary and Caramelized Onion Foccacia

For dinner, Drew baked up some mahi-mahi with potatoes and artichoke hearts baked in his lovely, lovely salsa (I think it’s a Rick Bayless recipe – maybe this one? With this salsa?) which was also super tasty (despite a minor snafu that Mom helped us fix).

For dessert we were supposed to have this White Chocolate Cranberry Cake and a Yeasted Pear Tart With Chamomile Anglaise. I made all the components of the cake (the cake, the cranberry puree, the white chocolate-honey frosting, the sugared cranberries) and then just never really felt like assembling it. Everything is sitting in my kitchen at home at the moment and it’s on my list of things to do this afternoon, so hopefully I’ll end up having a blog post about it a little later. And now that Father Christmas brought me a cake turntable, leveling it and frosting it should be a breeze! I never even began the pear tart, but I have all the ingredients here, so maybe I’ll make it as a New Year’s dessert or something. It actually turned out okay because we were all so stuffed from appetizers and dinner that the only dessert we had room for was a tiny scoop of peppermint blizzard from Dairy Queen.

For brunch the next morning, Dad made his cinnamon rolls and I made the Overnight Prosciutto (or Facon, in my case) and Goat Cheese Egg Bake that I made last year at New Year’s and this year’s contribution to the unofficial cinnamon roll throwdown (that I win every year despite Dad’s protests to the contrary and Mom’s refusal to actually make a decision), Orange Sweet Rolls which were soooooooo good. They’ve officially been added as a repeat recipe for next year.

I promise I’ll get my act together soon and start taking pictures because nobody likes blog posts just filled with links and no piccies!



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