Sparkly New Year’s nails!

I know I’m a little early and I’ll probably have to touch them up before making appearances at New Year’s Eve parties on Monday, but I couldn’t wait to get some glitter on! At first I went with gold as my accent nail:

but I decided I didn’t like that as much as I thought I would so the lovely Drew removed the gold nail polish for me so as not to risk my other freshly painted nails (it’s the closest I can get to him letting me paint his nails – I’ll get him one of these days) and repainted with my beloved OPI Strawberry Margarita since I was seeing a lot of pink in the glitter polish:

The requisite holding-a-bottle-of-nail-polish photo.

Much better. On a non-festive day, I think I’d switch it and wear the glitter polish as the accent nail, but for a special occasion, it’s perfect. The fun glitter polish is Soho Street by Nails Inc. (the second in the set Liz gave me for Christmas) and the pink is Strawberry Margarita by OPI (the gold in the first photo is It Looks Like Reindeer by OPI which I also used here).


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