On to more lovely things, namely…cake!

So in my lazy Christmas post, I mentioned that we were supposed to have this White Chocolate Cranberry Cake for dessert and that I made all the components yet failed to summon up enough energy or motivation to actually assemble the thing. Well, my mom brought in all the bits when she and Dad were in town to leave for their cruise and this afternoon I finally got assembling! I used my new cake turntable and everything – it made it really go a lot smoother!

It turned out to be a really nice cake! Usually I have issues with layer cakes in that they end up being waaaaaay too sweet for me, but this one is very nice – the white chocolate-honey frosting is tempered with cream cheese so it’s not overly sweet and obviously the cranberry puree used in the cake and in the mini-layers kind of tarts up the sweetness. It’s hard to see in the photo, but those are sugared cranberries used as a garnish – they’re actually edible (soaked in a simple syrup overnight and then tossed in various sugars) and are quite nice – refreshing, and again, not too sweet. Finally a fancy layer cake that I would definitely make again!

In summation, “Hey, Anne, what did you think of this cake?”


3 thoughts on “On to more lovely things, namely…cake!

  1. That looks tasty. It’s a shame we can’t get fresh cranberries here 😦 We import pomegranates from California for crying-out-loud… surely some cranberries form Canada is not much more of a stretch?

    • I’m really surprised! Do you get frozen ones? Those would work for everything (except maybe the sugared cranberries on the top). But, yeah, if you get California pomegranates, why not import cranberries? They seem pretty hardy – surely they could withstand the shipping process.

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