My boyfriend cooks!

The title makes it sound like this is a rare occurrence, so let me clarify – Drew is a very good cook and we manage to split the kitchen duties fairly evenly around here. For Christmas, I got him The Sriracha Cookbook along with a giant bottle of sriracha – there are some really interesting recipes in there including one for a peach-sriracha sorbet which sounds very intriguing! His brother got him a package of white grits along with lots of other yummy goodies, so for dinner earlier in the week, Drew made Three-Cheese Grits from his new cookbook. I don’t think I’d ever had grits before, but they were really good! Creamy and cheesy and spicy. Yum!

The recipe made a TON of grits, though, so he took the cookbook’s advice for leftovers and pan-fried slices to serve along with a little green salad for dinner the next night. Also yummy!

We’ve even had them cold – I like them cold on a bed of salad greens which make a cool and crunchy contrast to the creamy, spicy grits. A very successful start – I hope there are many more sriracha-based meals to come!


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