In which I make truffles! Or, wow, cocoa powder is disgusting…

We went over to some friends’ house on Saturday to watch the Packers destroy the Vikings and to catch up with some out-of-town friends who were visiting. One of those friends is vegan so when I saw this recipe for (Vegan) Chocolate Chile Coconut Truffles, I had to give it a try despite never having made truffles before. They turned out pretty well! They’re a little bit spicy (I had to use japones chiles since I couldn’t find any chiles de arbol) and then there’s a hint of cinnamon at the end, very subtle and very nice and the ganache sort of bursts out of the chocolate coating when you bite into them.

But, oh my god, I wish I could rinse them off – the cocoa powder is soooooo bitter! I don’t know if I used the wrong kind of cocoa powder or if it’s just my unrefined palate which does not appreciate bitter chocolate, but I can hardly eat them at all. Next time I would coat them in powdered sugar or something to sweeten them up a bit – maybe some toasted coconut would do the trick. Yikes! Fortunately Drew doesn’t seem too averse to them so they’re slowly disappearing.


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