Nails and new TV!

I had a big meeting at work today, so I thought I would paint my nails for the occasion (you can’t go to an important meeting with chipped nail polish!) – I wanted something subtle and neutral but still sparkly so I went back to an old favorite combination:

I couldn’t get the lighting to show the color accurately – it’s really more of a salmony color than it looks here and it’s a bit lighter and brighter. It’s an Urban Outfitters polish in Cocktail and I think the glitter polish is from Urban Outfitters as well, but there doesn’t seem to be a name on the bottle – it’s a multi-size glitter in a super light pink-but-only-barely base.

And, yes, that’s Courteney Cox on the TV in the background in a new season of Cougar Town, Tuesdays at 9:00 CST on TBS. Yay!

And, sigh, yes, I still have my Christmas tree up. Don’t you judge me!


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