What’s a good substitution for chicken? Quiche!

Being a vegetarian, I’ve never gotten to enjoy the classic 40 Clove Garlic Chicken, but you know what else you can put 40 cloves of garlic in? A quiche!

Apart from some structural difficulties, I think the hardest part of this recipe was peeling the 40 cloves of garlic and when you have a lovely live-in houseboy like I do, he takes care of that for you!

The main stumbling block was the aforementioned structural difficulties, in other words, my crust. Instead of using the gluten-free crust included in the recipe, I decided to go for the puff pastry that she mentions was used in the original recipe. Well, two things there: a) I forgot to prick the pastry so the whole thing just puffed right up like a balloon and b) I also forgot how much puff pastry shrinks so I was left with really just a base crust with not much in the way of sides. When I poured the egg and cream mixture over the crust, cheese, and garlic cloves, it promptly overflowed the crust, ran down underneath it, and leaked right out of the bottom of the tart pan. After overcoming my initial kitchen paralysis, I got out a different pan, covered it with foil, put the tart pan on it, used the foil to reinforce the tart pan, and poured the leaked egg mixture back into the tart pan. And it pretty much worked!

I think it turned out quite nicely and I was pleased that I finally got to experience something with 40 cloves of garlic in it!


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