It’s chili time!

It’s super cold out and I just feel like hibernating, that means…it’s chili time! Spicy Two-Bean Chili, to be specific, with my go-to favorite cornbread.

We got a lot more than 6 servings out of this recipe (Drew has given up on it) and around the weekend I got a craving for something I’ve never had, a chili dog! So I headed over to the co-op and got myself some veggie dogs. I really like most veggie substitutes, but they have yet to perfect the veggie hot dog – what is it about the flavor combination of donkey lips and pig tails and cow ears that is so hard to replicate?! But it’s still pretty good – I mean, it’s chili and cheese on bread with some extra protein thrown in there. I’m determined to get to the bottom of the chili leftovers!


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