You know what more desserts need?

If you answered “goat cheese,” this post is for you! Goat Cheese Brownies!

There’s goat cheese in the brownies (in a sort of cheesecake layer marbled throughout) and in the frosting (though not in mine – I only had enough goat cheese for either in the cheesecake layer or in the frosting, but not both, so I substituted cream cheese for the goat cheese in the frosting and it seemed to work just fine). It’s very nice and sort of cuts through the sweetness of the brownie. I think next time I make these, I’ll leave off the honey-goat cheese (cream cheese) frosting because it sort of overwhelmed the flavor of the brownie – you could hardly taste the chocolate at all! Still, they were a success, I think – everyone I shared them with seemed to enjoy them!

The Italian enchilada!

I made a Veggie Cheese Stromboli the other night for dinner which is basically a pizza if you rolled it all up, hence the Italian enchilada! This particular recipe is nice because it has a sort of a tapenade as the sauce and the tart, saltiness of the kalamata olives and sundried tomatoes is balanced out by the rest of the flavors (in my case, provolone, spinach, and mushrooms because I don’t like roasted red peppers). I couldn’t get a very pretty picture of it – my kitchen is just so green (which usually I enjoy but it does make taking pictures of food in there kind of tricky), so you’ll just have to trust me that it tasted good.