You know what more desserts need?

If you answered “goat cheese,” this post is for you! Goat Cheese Brownies!

There’s goat cheese in the brownies (in a sort of cheesecake layer marbled throughout) and in the frosting (though not in mine – I only had enough goat cheese for either in the cheesecake layer or in the frosting, but not both, so I substituted cream cheese for the goat cheese in the frosting and it seemed to work just fine). It’s very nice and sort of cuts through the sweetness of the brownie. I think next time I make these, I’ll leave off the honey-goat cheese (cream cheese) frosting because it sort of overwhelmed the flavor of the brownie – you could hardly taste the chocolate at all! Still, they were a success, I think – everyone I shared them with seemed to enjoy them!


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