What’s a good Valentine’s Day movie to see?

Before Drew and I went out for dinner, we went out for brunch with Jillian and Steve and then caught this movie to finish up our double-date. Okay, it’s not a romantic, lovey-dovey movie, but it’s fun and exciting and predictable (but in a good way). It’s not as good as the first one, obviously (I think that one’s so good because he’s in such a limited space with only his wits and whatever resources [i.e., weapons and explosives] he can find), but it’s still good action movie fun. Bruce Willis remains likeable (despite being a Republican) and John McClane is cool as ever. This one sees him joining forces with his son and I’m hoping that the next one will be a daddy/daughter crime-fighting movie – that would be cool! There’s nothing too hard to think about here – it’s a Die Hard movie, you know what you’re going to get – but it’s a perfectly fun way to waste an afternoon.


Valentine’s Day (observed) nails!

Drew and I went out to Radio Maria for dinner last night and I used it as an excuse to get dressed up which, of course, included doing my nails! I decided to go with red nails with a glittery red stripe:

That’s Sally Hansen’s Honeymoon Red and Covent Garden Market by Nails, Inc. As soon as I was finished I realized my mistake – the opposite of a red nail with a glittery red stripe is a glittery red nail with a plain red stripe, not a red nail with a vertical glittery stripe. Silly me! Well, I’ll know for next time, at least.

I’ve been putting this off for a couple of reasons…

Love Is a Mix Tape by Rob Sheffield

Mostly, writing this review is making me feel like I’m a pretty bad person. The author’s love for his wife and his grief at her loss really comes through and I appreciated Sheffield being so open and honest in his writing. And, I’ll admit it, I cried pretty darn hard during the chapters dealing with his wife’s death and his grieving process, but mostly I just couldn’t identify with either Sheffield or Renee. It may be because they are infinitely cooler than I’ll ever be, at least when it comes to music and being on top of the Next Big Thing – or it may be because they’re just enough older than me that even though I recognize some (about half, I’d say) of the bands and songs Sheffield mentions, I wasn’t grown-up enough to have the same sorts of memories associated with them that they do. I’m not sure I’m being clear – basically, when Sheffield and Renee were busy being a broke newlywed couple drinking beer and listening to The Smiths or Nirvana, I was a junior high kid singing along to Mariah Carey.

If you’re 10 years older than I am or you have an older sibling who was 10 years older than I was, you’ll probably find yourself liking Sheffield and Renee a lot better than I did. No matter how old you are, though, it will make you think about the fragility of life and love and cry a bit about it.

My rating: B-

Yummy salmon and broken hearts…

My addiction, Buzzfeed, posted yet another fantastic list of one-pan dinners. The first of many that I decided to try was the Pan Roasted Salmon-and-Bread Salad and it was super tasty! And super easy and relatively quick. We used frozen salmon fillets that had their skin on, so Drew took one for the team and took the skin off and chopped the salmon up for me (I can eat fish and cook with it, but I can’t touch it – learned that the hard way!). Everything else came together in no time and by the time I was out of the shower, it was time to eat.

I have a sneaking suspicion that it won’t be as nice tomorrow as leftovers, but it was soooo good this evening!

In the spirit of all things Valentine’s Day, I wanted to try Smitten Kitchen’s White- and Dark-Hearted Brownies. The brownies and blondies turned out very well, but my little set of heart cookie cutters were every just so slightly the wrong size – the middle one was a smidge too big and the small one was so small that you couldn’t really tell it was a heart:

I only switched centers on those two that I took pictures of (I’d cut out the middle of all the brownies, but once I saw how they were going to turn out, I just gave up on the blondies and put the centers back in the brownies. As far as flavor goes, they’re both really good – I think I prefer the blondies (but that may be because I totally overdosed on chocolate at dinner on Saturday).

The last of the Valentine’s Day decorations (…probably)

There is still a mobile that I wanted to make with a combination of knitted hearts and sewn hearts, but it’s getting down to the wire and I’m not sure I’ll have time to finish them – something to look forward to next year! In the meantime, however, I’ve been plugging away on some other crafts that I’ve finished up and I’m quite proud of them. All of these crafts came from that same Buzzfeed post about DIY heart projects – I’ll have to see what they post as a round-up of spring/Easter crafts (although Drew already says that cotton ball bunnies stuck to construction paper aren’t allowed in the living room).

I made heart garlands to hang on my bookshelves:

Then I adapted this pixelated heart card

so that I could hang them on my wall next to the string art:

And finally, I made a heart pinata (I’m not going to use it as a pinata, of course). Mine is a bit smaller than the one the original poster made, but I like it!

Good times and new nails!

Last night, Drew and I drove to the next city over to go on a double date with some friends of ours, Rachel and her fiance, Scott. We went for a lovely dinner and then out for a drink afterwards. It was really fun to get to eat some good food (crab-stuffed shrimp FTW!) and have a good chat with good friends.

And because we were going out and dressing up a tiny bit, I had to paint my nails! I decided to use my reinforcement stickers and do a homemade French tip:

It’s so hard to get a photo that shows the polish colors accurately! In person, this is a little brighter red (it’s actually the same red that was on my pinky finger in this post) – it’s Urban Outfitters’ Blood for the base and OPI’s What’s a Tire Jack? for the black French tip.