Claire, I made a risotto!

You’d be so proud of me! It was going to be a weird lobster pate risotto (Drew’s brother gave him a bunch of intriguing food products – the white grits was one of them – and another was a tin of lobster pate), but the pate was just a little too weird for both of us. Even the cats didn’t want it! So the risotto became a clearing-the-fridge risotto instead. I used this recipe as the base and then tossed in frozen peas and frozen corn at the end along with salt, pepper, crushed red pepper flakes, dried thyme, and parmesan cheese and then garnished with avocado and cilantro.

I’ve never been one to just throw stuff in a pan – I always follow a recipe – but this one seems to have turned out pretty darn well!

More Valentine’s Day stuff…what’s wrong with me?!

So my Valentine’s Day obsession continues! I’ve still got a couple more craft projects in the works, but I wanted to show off what I’ve finished so far. First up, a Celtic heart necklace!

I found the instructions for this (and the next project, too) on the same aforementioned Buzzfeed article. Drew and I were heading out to visit my parents and celebrate my dad’s birthday and just before we left, I sat down and pulled this together in only four tries. The original post uses old hoodie sweatshirt ties and that would probably have been an easier medium to work with than the pretty (but super slippery) cord I bought to use. The knot stays in place fine, but when I tie it around my neck, it just refuses to stay tied! My plan is to try to get it attached to an actual clasp – I’ll try to keep you posted!

Up next is string art! The wall behind my couch is quickly becoming my seasonal decoration corner and I used this post for my inspiration. It actually went pretty smoothly, I sat down with my computer, hammer and nails, and a few blocks of spare wood that my dad had prepped for me and mainlined series 3 of Downton Abbey while I worked.

I’m really pleased with how they turned out – Drew seems to like them too (he suggested they could be permanent decorations, but I think I’ll wait to see what Buzzfeed has in the DIY department for Easter or spring).