The end of an era!

Thursday was a melancholy day. I got to hang out with Jillian, watch TV, and eat lots of yummy, yummy food. How could that be melancholy, you ask? The TV we were watching was the series finale of 30 Rock. It just won’t be Thursday without Liz and co.! But like I said, we consoled ourselves with as much food as possible. As usual, she made the savory (the wonderful, fabulous Cheesy Bread – no one makes it quite like Jillian does!) and I was in charge of the sweet (I made Homemade Funfetti Cupcakes).

I’m sad to see it go, but it’s always nice when series go out while they’re still good instead of just fading away. And unlike some shows I could mention *cough*BattlestarGalactica*cough*, I was happy with the final episode as a series wrap-up. I’ll miss you, Liz Lemon, but at least I still have Parks and Rec to keep me warm at night.