We can rebuild him!

Poor Scoob! I’ve had a Scooby-Doo bobblehead on the dashboard of my car since college, I think – my roommate, Susan, gave me at least one of them (I do have a spare who sits on the windowsill in my bedroom along with a metal echidna from Louisa). He lost his tail years ago – it’s been sitting in my cupholder, waiting for me to perform surgery – and then this weekend, he lost part of his head in an accident involving my I-Pass. The time had come to put him back together again.

I glued his head back together at work this morning and then noticed he was missing an ear. When I got home just now, I found his ear and glued that back on. While I was at it, I figured I’d go ahead and finally fix his tail, but when I went to glue his tail back on, I realized that the part of his tail that was still attached to his bum was only just attached, so I broke it off to glue the tail back together before I reattached it all. I’m going to let the glue solidify a bit overnight and then glue it back on tomorrow, but when I was leaving the garage, I got a look at what he now looks like through the windshield.

It’s a little obscene – hopefully the rest of his reconstructive surgery will be successful tomorrow because I’m sure he’s embarrassed to be seen like this. I know I would be!


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