While the cat’s away, the mice will…

…eat tuna!

Drew is off on a boys’ fishing trip in New Orleans which means I’m back to just cooking for myself which means I can indulge in all the canned tuna I want! In an attempt to be healthy, I skipped my favorite tuna pasta in favor of this Breadless Tuna Melt:

It was a really clever idea, but I think it was actually a little bit too much tuna all at once, even for me – I think I need the bread or carbohydrate (in the case of the tuna pasta) to cut the tuna flavor.


This Buzzfeed post about budget vegetarian dinners has been calling my name for a while now, so I finally caved and made Whole Wheat Pasta with Butternut Squash and Roasted Garlic Sauce.

It was good enough, but I have to be honest, it wasn’t entirely my favorite thing in the world, especially as a leftover – mostly I think my palate is just not refined enough for whole wheat pasta. Like most things that are healthy for you, it’s just not as good as the real thing! And as a leftover, the sauce got sort of weirdly grainy. Also, it says it makes servings for 4 people, but I would say it’s more like 6 servings or even 8 (which is problematic since it wasn’t as good the next day or the day after that).