While the cat’s away, the mice will…

…eat tuna!

Drew is off on a boys’ fishing trip in New Orleans which means I’m back to just cooking for myself which means I can indulge in all the canned tuna I want! In an attempt to be healthy, I skipped my favorite tuna pasta in favor of this Breadless Tuna Melt:

It was a really clever idea, but I think it was actually a little bit too much tuna all at once, even for me – I think I need the bread or carbohydrate (in the case of the tuna pasta) to cut the tuna flavor.


4 thoughts on “While the cat’s away, the mice will…

  1. I’m not sure if it’s accurate or not, but you seem to be eating a lot more fish since Drew moved in. Is that to bridge the carnivore-vegetarian gap? Or is it that you now have someone to touch the fish for you? Maybe you should move to Australia. We have lots of great seafood here (well, that’s what people say. I don’t eat it, of course!).

    • I think I’ve just gotten more adventurous with my cooking – and I’m trying to lose a little weight which means trying to fill up with proteins and since I don’t eat meat-meat, I’m trying to supplement with fish (usually salmon) and shrimp. Drew is definitely okay with eating a (mostly) vegetarian diet, especially here at home – if we’re out to eat or something and he’s craving a burger, he’ll get one, but he seems fine with leaving it out when we’re cooking for ourselves.

      I’d love to move to Australia! Will your brother marry me AND Drew so we can get passports? Or, easier, your brother marries me, you marry Drew, he and I get our passports, and we all have “open” marriages where we see other people. It could work! 😉

      • hahaha that sounds very complicated! 🙂 I’ll just adopt you. But, with the election around the corner in September, you may actually need to adopt me!

        (we also have other things of interest in Australia, like books and music, so you both would be right at home!)

        • Haha, adoption works just fine, too – I should have thought of that in the first place! Either way, it would be super cool to end up in Australia – I’ll have to encourage Drew to look for saxophone professor jobs there…

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