And then, so as not to be too healthy…

…that evening a bunch of us threw a bachelorette party for Rachel, who will be getting married later in April!

We started off with pizza, presents, cookies, and drinks at Kate’s house before heading downtown for drinks and then off to a dance club to round out the evening! As per the usual bachelorette party rules, there were plenty of penis-themed items: a (very tasteful) penis tiara, gummy penises (in honor of a recent Parks and Recreation episode), and penis cookies (along with some non-penis cookies for some variety). I was trying to make the penis cookies more silly than anatomically correct, so when I was at Michael’s looking for flesh-colored food coloring and noticed candy googly eyes, a lightbulb went off!

The green ones ended up looking like they were wearing grass skirts – even sillier! I used my go-to sugar cookie recipe and the royal icing recipe on the meringue powder can – the only problem was that I had to let the cookies sit out plenty long while the icing dried and it resulted in them being a little on the stale side…

The non-penis ones were pretty cute, too! (R+S is for Rachel and Scott…)

It was a really fun night even though I was pretty tired out by the end of the evening, having run a 10K earlier that morning – great to have a girls’ night out and to celebrate for Rachel and Scott’s impending wedding!

4 thoughts on “And then, so as not to be too healthy…

    • We definitely should – and it’s been a while since we even had a happy hour! I’m definitely falling behind as a social coordinator. I’m glad you had fun at your bachelorette party! 🙂

  1. It was a great party–I still laugh every time I look at those cookies! (The EYES!!) And I agree–more girls’ nights would be fun!

    • Haha, I’m glad someone else found them as funny as I did! I think they turned out really cute, as far as penaesia go. 😉

      And I’m always up for more girls’ nights – we’ll have to get on schedule more of them soon!

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