My man is back where he belongs…in the kitchen!

Getting home to make dinner tonight was going to be tight (I had to run to the market to buy a lottery ticket – on Wednesday, I won baseball tickets from HK’s winter fitness incentive program and yesterday I won a personal cooler and insulated cup at a raffle at the HK health fair, so I figured I really ought to see if my streak holds out tonight for the MegaMillions lottery), so Drew volunteered to make dinner for us. It really is nice having someone cook for you (and he even loaded the dishwasher when he was done – what a good boyfriend!) on busy evenings like this.

And it doesn’t hurt that he’s quite the whiz in the kitchen! He made us these delicious tacos with catfish nuggets and kale – lovely and spicy and tasty!

4 thoughts on “My man is back where he belongs…in the kitchen!

    • It seems like I’ve heard people say that, but I’ve never noticed any sort of mud taste… Of course I’ve only had it in instances which also include pretty strong flavors (these tacos, barbecue sandwiches), so it could just be that it’s always been well covered up.

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