Last Saturday, my mom and I ran our first 10K! Crazy, you say? Yeah, I know, it really was. But we’ll do pretty much anything for a special sweatshirt – this year, Monticello is hosting a Triple Crown of races and if you participate in all three, you get a special sweatshirt. So, we’re running!

This first race was a 10K and a half marathon (we are not ready for that, but we’re vaguely thinking about maybe training for the Disney Princess Half Marathon one day) that took place at Allerton Park. It was actually really nice! It was a bit chilly while we were waiting for the race to begin, but once we got going, the sun came out, it started to warm up, and the trees really blocked the wind (we were running on the trails for most of the route).

We finished!

Our goal was to do it in under 2 hours, figuring that even if we walked the whole route, we could do it by then. We ended coming in at around one hour and 24 minutes! I think it works out to about a 13:30 mile pace which is slower than we were hoping for – a 12:00 mile is really our goal. Mom could totally have gone faster and run the whole thing – I was the one slowing us down the whole time. In fact, she came second in her age group and won a little Fu Dog statue!

I’m pretty proud of us! And we’ve signed up for four 5K’s this summer already to be followed by another 10K in the fall which will finish up the Triple Crown and get us our sweatshirt.


6 thoughts on “RUUUUUNNNNN!

  1. Also: can I come and do the disney princess half marathon too? I will likely die at some point during the course, but at least I will die a princess! 🙂

    • Haha, of course! And don’t worry about dying, I’m sure we’ll be incorporating plenty of walking time in our half-marathon plan. 😉

    • Thanks! I’m thinking my goal by the fall 10K should be to be able to jog the whole thing – slowly, but still jog the whole thing. Right now my goal is to just be able to jog a whole 5K!

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